Though it is one of the main transport hubs of America, and is easily accessible from nearly everywhere, Panama almost feels like an uncharted part of the world. From its sublime beaches, picturesque mountains, jungles, second largest rainforest in the western hemisphere and historic ruins to its vibrant modern metropolis, it is an incredibly diverse land waiting to be discovered.

Famous for its Canal, Panama is more than the “crossroads of the Americas”. Considered one of the world’s most historic and economically dynamic countries, Panama is home to many indigenous tribes, is one of the last true frontiers in the Americas and is home to an impressive variety of bird species. Its authenticity shines through in swaths of pristine coastlines and rainforests, and in its abundance of tropical plants, animals and birds that can be found nowhere else. Driven by the expansion of the Canal as well as the surge of foreign direct investment from North and South American in construction, transport and tourism, Panama has experienced remarkable GDP growth in recent years (10.8% for 2011 and 10.7% for 2012).

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