Life on Pearl Island offers a wide range of pursuits to appeal to an array of different tastes.


Boating enthusiasts will fall in love with the sailing Mecca of Panama by adventuring from island to island, from one deserted beach to another. The Pearl Island Archipelago is full of virgin protected beaches and surrounding islands with ideal fishing grounds. Owners can emulate well known explorers such as Christopher Columbus, Vasco Nuñez de Balboa and Francisco Pizarro who have all anchored off the coast of Panama in times gone by.

The Founders’ Marina on the west side of the peninsula, which is now under construction, will offer 40 berths for yachting enthusiasts in the initial phase of development. When it is later connected to a larger marina, it is anticipated to be among the few, and one of the largest marinas on the Pacific side of the America’s continent, with over 250 berths.


Excursions can be organized to national marine parks and surrounding islands that offer incredible diving and snorkeling experiences. The Pacific coast offers many opportunities for ‘big animal’ encounters, especially in the waters around Coiba and the Pearl Islands. There are also many diving sites around Pearl Island where diving lovers can “experience” a diversity of fish and mammals, including dolphins and whale sharks.


Pearl Island boasts one of the world’s most treasured bird sanctuaries which nurtures over 150 species, including a vast population of migrating pelicans.


The ocean waters of Panama are home to five species of whale and serve as a rendezvous region for families of humpback whales during the majority of the year, that move between Mexico and Panama. They also form the northern reproduction zone for the southeast Pacific humpback whale population. Punta Balena, is Pearl Island’s very own whale watching lookout spot in the southeast of the island, the ideal location to often see whales.


One interpretation of the name “Panama” in a local Indian language is said to be “an abundance of fish”. Offshore, onshore, bottom, fly and sport fishing is available to take advantage of more than 700 species of fish that live in the deep clear waters of the rich fishing grounds that are close to the island. Blue and Black Marlin fishing in particular, is one of the best in the Americas, holding more world records than any other place in the world in the waters just two hours from Pearl Island.


Mainland Panama is a popular destination for surfers thanks to its tropical climate and consistent waves throughout the year on both its Pacific and Atlantic coasts. It hosted the 2011 Billabong ISA World Surfing Games in June.

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