The Project

Outlined by pristine beaches, surrounded by crystal clear sea, blanketed in virgin tropical forest and enlivened by hundreds of species of indigenous flora and fauna, Pearl Island is a virtually untouched natural paradise accessible in less than twenty minutes by air from Panama City.

Re-imagined by Dolphin Capital Investors and Grupo Eleta, Pearl Island is being enriched with select amenities, exceptional services, premiere sporting facilities, and a limited number of thoughtfully designed neighborhoods. The island’s spectacular environmental diversity, which has drawn the attention of internationally renowned research institutions including the Smithsonian Institute, will remain forever protected by virtue of world-class sustainable development planning and the establishment of The Island Foundation.

We invite you to explore a limited number of unique oceanfront and ocean view home sites within the most exclusive enclave of Pearl Island, Peninsula Zancadilla. The design of each home site has been inspired by the natural landscape, with boundaries drawn to create optimal views and privacy. Each provides owners with the opportunity to build their own unique residential retreat on a private island unlike any other in the world. In addition, we offer two different ready-build products, all with spectacular water views: three bed apartments and three to four bed residences with infinity pools overlooking the ocean.

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